“I have been with Molly now for 6 months and it is the best decision I have ever made! I have tried many other fitness classes here in Tega Cay/Fort Mill and Molly’s classes surpass them all! They are the perfect challenge for every body type and she offers great modifications. No two classes are ever the same….I LOVE the diversity of each one! She offers HIIT, Strength, Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates and more! Not only is Molly very good at what she does, but she truly cares about her clients and helps us all individually in our journeys! I can’t thank the ladies in her classes enough for being so welcoming, kind and comforting….Y’all ROCK!! #GAMECHANGER” -Jennifer Whittmer, Oct 2019


“Molly is an amazing trainer, her classes never fall short of being incredibly challenging and her enthusiasm and motivation is infectious!” -Sarah Major, Oct 2019

Sarah Major

“Molly at ExcelFit is the best personal trainer I have ever had the privilege of working with. I currently do her 3 online workouts that are delivered to my email Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. These are, by far, the best workouts I have ever done. Like so many, I have a crazy schedule with work and 3 kids in sports. Working out online allows me to fit a challenging workout into my ever changing schedule. Every workout is different, so it’s always new and fun. I love the private Facebook group where we post the completion of these 3 workouts every week. Not only is Molly invested and holding us accountable, but the group of women in this private group are amazing. I love the positivity and motivation from EVERYONE in this group. Molly sets the tone of this awesome ExcelFit group with her fun, witty comments. She takes the time to invest in each of our fitness journeys and gets to know each of us on a personal level, and there are members all over the United States. Molly has changed the way I think about health and exercise and it’s safe to say that I will be an ExcelFit member for life.” -Debbie Cearley, June 2019


“I did four classes with Molly this week and each one was different; however, they were all excellent!! I don’t know how she does it, but every single one of her workouts vary and never lack for intensity! And neither does she! She will motivate you to push yourself to work harder than you think you can-but you can! And if need be, she always has a modification. I have found that I don’t nearly challenge myself enough when I work out alone as compared to how much effort I put in when I attend one of her classes! I just can’t say enough good things about her classes, especially the HIIT ones. Total body workouts that get my heart rate up while also incorporating strength moves!”-Shauna Ranft, June 2019


“I LOVE Molly’s classes! She not only creates unique, challenging workouts but she makes them fun! She creates modifications if needed and works with all levels of fitness. Not only is she an amazing trainer, she also creates an amazing environment and pulls everyone together as a family. If you are looking for a great experience, then go to Molly!”-Alison Hufnagel, May 2019


“You will not find a more dedicated, fun and energizing personal trainer than Molly! I have been working out with this amazing lady for almost 2 years now. I started out with one-on-one training sessions when my 3rd baby was 6 weeks old and then I moved to attending her classes 4 days a week. Molly has one of the most positive and energizing personalities I have ever been around. She keeps the workouts fun and fresh, yet challenging. Not only has Molly made working out fun for me but she has helped me to stick with a consistent workout schedule that helped me to drop those extra baby pounds much faster than I expected and I am keeping them off. To keep it real simple, Molly is AMAZING!”-Christina Glenn, May 2019

Christina Glenn