Corporate Wellness

Molly Kujawski, owner at ExcelFit, has been running successful corporate health & fitness programs since 2007.

Hosting Molly at your company can boost your associates’ mental & physical health, immune systems, happiness, morale, and get them feeling their very best so they can show up as the healthiest versions of themselves.

The investment you make in the health of your employees will boost productivity, creativity, retention, and more!

There are many options for corporate wellness with ExcelFit With Molly. Everything is tailored to your company’s needs, size, and schedule.

Some of the options are:

  • On-site or virtual “Lunch & Learn” sessions that cover the most up-to-date, easy to incorporate health information. These sessions include a presentation, handouts and food samples for employees. These can be coupled with a pre-ordered healthy lunch brought in by Molly.
  • On-site lunchtime fitness classes
  • Comprehensive wellness programs or challenges that offer incentives for your associates that complete healthy habits over a period of time.
  • One-on-one health consultations for your staff which cover how each individual can decrease body fat, build more muscle, boost immunity, make healthy food swaps, and more.

Interested in bringing ExcelFit to your company? Reach out HERE and we can set up a time to discuss details that will meet the needs of your staff.