Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge

I’d like to offer something to help us all keep on track or, at least, not go way overboard this holiday season.  If you are interested in joining my “Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge” then-read the info below on how you can participate!
Here is the info about this 6-week challenge:

1.  This contest will run from November 22nd to January 2nd.  During these 6 weeks-I will send out a new challenge for the week to try and help you keep you in line.

2.  All participants will submit their “before” weight by taking a photo of their feet on the scale with the words “Maintain Don’t Gain-Before” in the photo. 
*Weight must be submitted between Sat, Nov 20th-Mon, Nov 22nd.*  Set a reminder for yourself to do this!

3.  After the 6 weeks is over, all participants must then submit their “after” weight by taking a photo of their feet on a scale with the words “Maintain Don’t Gain-After” in their photo.
*Weight must be submitted between January 1st-Januaury 3rd.  No exceptions!  Set a reminder to do this!*

4.  All participants that do not gain any weight during this 6 week challenge will then be entered to win some prizes!  I will raffle off 3 prizes, so there will be 3 winners!

5.  A $5.00 entry fee will apply to all participants who are current online or in-person ExcelFit members.  A $10.00 entry free will apply to all non-members.  (This will help me cover the cost of some of the prizes.)

 Simply email, submit your “before weight” by 11/22 & make your Venmo payment to enter yourself in this challenge!

Before you go, please don’t forget to submit your entry fee-just Venmo me; my account is @ExcelFit-Molly!