ExcelFit Healthy Kids

Program Details

The healthy kids program is a health and fitness series designed for home-schooled children. The program focuses on improving physical fitness and developing healthy habits through fun exercise games and stations, goal setting for healthy food choices, extra at-home physical challenges, and some fun, healthy prizes!

Schedule: A 6-week program: Inquire for the next start date if interested!

Details: Each class will include a healthy goal setting talk, a related handout, and a head-to-toe workout designed for growing bodies.

Cost: $65 for the entire 6-week program

Ages: 8-12 years

Location: 2020 Gold Hill Rd., Fort Mill, SC (Center Stage Dance Academy)

How to join: First, pay securely online using the “Pay Now” button on this page. Then, please reserve your child’s spot in class by emailing me your child’s name, age, and any other important information.

Meet Molly, Instructor/Owner of ExcelFit

I’m Molly, the owner and lead instructor for ExcelFit. I’m a certified personal trainer and health coach. My life’s mission is to inspire and motivate others.

I have a degree in physical education and have worked with people of all ages since I got certified as a personal trainer in 2006.  I have experience in working with children since 2002 in the classroom as well as in a summer fitness camp setting.  I also have designed workshops, classes, and exercise programs for teens as well as the aging adult population.

My programs offer targeted physical workouts, healthy meal recipes and stress reduction strategies. My approach to wellness is more than great workouts…it’s about looking good and feeling good, now and for years to come.

Molly on fitness bar