Fitness Class Descriptions

Excel Triple Threat:

A 50 minute class that combines strength training, cardio, and yoga intervals together for an incredible sweat & stretch!  Using weights, gliders, & your own body weight you will challenge and improve your balance, flexibility, whole body strength, and stamina in this awesome class.

Excel Total Strength:

A 50 minute class that uses your own bodyweight, dumbbells, bands, balls, and other small equipment to give you a full-body strength training workout.

Excel Barre Fusion:

A 55 minute class that mixes together Pilates, Yoga, body weight strength exercises, and ballet barre moves to lengthen and strengthen your body.  You will improve your flexibility and range of motion, strengthen your muscles, and finish with a meditation on your mat to leave you feeling stress-free!

Excel HIIT Strength: 

A 50 minute class that uses different cardio and strength exercises to give you the best workout around.  We will do a mixture of Tabata intervals, cone drills, strength exercises, boxing, and much more.

Excel HIIT Kickboxing:

A 50 minute class that is the best workout of the week!  The class starts with 20 minutes of HIIT with weights and cardio and finishes with 30 minutes of kickboxing that is fun and super energizing!

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