Member Of The Month


Meet The March Member Of The Month:

Shauna Ranft

I’ve been wanting to highlight some of the amazing people that I get to work with each week to help others feel inspiration, so putting together a “Member Of The Month” program was the perfect opportunity to do this.


Shauna Ranft is the March Member Of The Month & has been with me since I began ExcelFit in October of 2017.  She’s a bubbly, funny, quirky friend who is positive, hard-working, and consistent.  We laugh at her because she’s not a morning person but once class is about 15 minutes in….she comes alive!

Here is a little more about this fun-loving chica:

1.  How did you get into fitness? 
“I got into fitness when I started running in college with my roommate.  Although I still like to run, I realize the importance of strength and flexibility training.  Working out simply makes me feel better-I am less cranky for sure.  I also have more energy and tend to eat healthier when I’m consistently exercising.”

2.  How long have you been at ExcelFit?
“I’ve been taking classes at ExcelFit since Oct 2017, when it first began!  My neighbor Christina, who’s in just about every ExcelFit video, invited me to a class and I’ve been hooked ever since!  I like that every class is different, high-energy, and challenging, yet the environment is super supportive!  We support each other and check-in whenever we miss a class.  I also like how Molly corrects my form and pushes me to work harder than I ever would on my own.  Also, I LOVE the videos because they are always different!  I was getting tired of doing the same workouts over & over without ever making improvements-I was getting burnt out, but not anymore!”

3.  What’s your job?  Any hobbies?
“Besides being a mother of two-Thomas 14 and Katie-12, I help my husband out with our business.  He likes to cook & I love to eat, so we enjoy taking cooking classes together.  We also take weekend trips to the mountains to go skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer.  Traveling is definitely something I love, but when I am home-I’m constantly listening to podcasts and audible books!  Also, I recently got a silhouette cameo machine and I have a ton of projects I want to make now!”

4.  What is your favorite “naughty”foods to eat?  Favorite restaurant? 
“My favorite naughty food is chocolate or cheesecake!  Or pie!  I have a sweet tooth, so I try to indulge once in awhile, so I don’t end up eating the whole dang cake.  We like to try different restaurants too-we just went to an Italian restaurant called OGGI’s and it was delicious!”

5.  What is a quote that has always meant something to you?
“Be able to laugh at yourself-you’ll live longer & happier!  A good laugh and a long nap are the two best cures for anything!”

5.  Your favorite ExcelFit Class? 
“Kickboxing & HIIT Combo for sure!  I like the combination of strength training and cardio, plus it’s FUN and challenging!  Sometimes when I think I can’t go on, Molly throws one more song at us!”

6.  What makes you stay at ExcelFit? 
“I love that every class is challenging, but Molly modifies the moves to fit everyone’s fitness level.  I love completing a class where I thought to myself at the start “there’s no way in hell I am going to do that move” but I end up doing it and it feels awesome!  I love that Molly corrects my form-I had no idea I was doing several strength training moves incorrectly.”

“Molly’s classes are so supportive and her energy is so inspiring!  I never feel uncomfortable in her class!  I love the atmosphere there-she makes working out fun.  We usually laugh as much as we sweat!”

7.  Anything extra that you could share about yourself?
“I’m pretty shy and a little introverted, so I can come across as unfriendly.  But, I do love meeting new people and I’ve met many remarkable friends, including Molly, through her classes!  I love the ExcelFit tribe!”

Thank you for sharing with us Shauna!  We are all lucky to have you in our group at ExcelFit!