Extreme Lower Body Challenge 2022

This 9 week challenge should be a great motivation to get your lower body (including your core muscles) more defined and in shape!

All participants for this challenge will receive a spreadsheet with all of the links for quick lower body workouts to be done during the 9 weeks. Videos are between 12-21 minutes in length. A new video is assigned every 3 weeks, so participants are encouraged to do the 1st set of 3 videos for 3 weeks, the 2nd set of videos for 3 weeks, and a final new set of videos for the last 3 weeks.

Please take a few “before” photos to keep on hand. At the end of the 9 weeks, participants are encouraged to submit their before & after photos to me at excelfitwithmolly@gmail.com (I will send out an email reminder at the end of the challenge!!!) A fun prize will be awarded to the participant that has the most dramatic changes in their lower body at the end of the 9 weeks. I will also post (with permission) all participants that send me their before & after photos!

This challenge is all self-regulated! You do the videos on your own time but make sure you schedule them into your busy week so you don’t forget!

To sign up: Click HERE to fill out the registration form and then submit your payment.

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